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Earth-Banked Lined Lagoons Using Geomembrane Lining System

Earth banked lined lagoonThe Lining

Jones McGirr & Co. Ltd. place a very high emphasis on quality. We only use ISO accredited materials and we work closely with Consulting Engineers and Civil Engineering Contractors to ensure that all projects are completed in the most efficient manner possible using only top quality products.


GSE HD is a high quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane produced from a specially formulated, proprietary virgin polyethylene resin designed specifically for flexible geomembrane applications. GSD HD has outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical properties, environmental stress crack resistance, dimensional stability and thermal ageing characteristics. GSE HD also has excellent resistance to UV radiation and is suitable for exposed conditions.

Agricultural Applications

Traditionally Farm Wastes have been mainly stored in unlined pits, concrete or steel tanks. There are inherent problems with each of these storage methods and now HDPE lined basins are being widely used to provide secure storage facilities at an economic cost. Lined lagoons can be formed to suit all site conditions, are quick to construct, easy to agitate and empty and can be extended or moved at a later date if required. Our lagoons meet all necessary requirements by the various environment agencies and agricultural departments in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Liners are installed on a panel-by-panel basis using a variety of seaming technology, which includes an extrusion, hot wedge & hot gas welding process. All formed joints are testable by destructive and non-destructive techniques to ensure that a 100% seal has been achieved. A wide range of standard construction refinements have been developed to overcome common challenges such as sealing to concrete structures and pipe penetration. Our lining systems have excellent physical, mechanical, biological and chemical resistance properties.

Other Typcial Applications Include:-

Landfill Capping, Landfill Cells, Leachate Lagoons, Curtain Walls, Industrial Sludge Basins, Stormwater Retention Ponds, Effluent Treatment, Bund Linings, Tank & Manhole Lining, Water Reservoirs, Channel & Canal Linings, Lake & Pond Linings, Aquaculture Applications

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