Slurry Lagoon Covers

Lagoon covers allow customers to keep rainwater out of slurry lagoons in order to maximise storage potential during statutory closed period of 6 months for slurry application on the land.  Without covers, slurry can lose up to 10% of nitrogen content.  The extra storage space in the lagoon once it has been covered will allow farmers to increase livestock numbers and grow their businesses. 

Lagoons close to towns and significant population, where people are concerned about possible odour from open lagoons, may need to be fitted with covers to improve chances of getting planning permission for storage facilities passed

Our Slurry Lagoon Cover Options

As part of its ongoing research and development, and in response to customer need, Jones McGirr & Co Ltd now manufactures and installs two types of slurry lagoon cover to suit individual application, budget, site etc:

1) Raised Slurry Cover– cover is raised so that it does not come into contact with the slurry.  A conventional slurry mixer/agitator can be used to mix the slurry under the cover.  Suitable for small lagoons and complies with Environment Agency (E.A.) legislation.

2) Floating Cover – cover floats on top of the slurry and moves up and down according to slurry level.  The construction is unsupported and is therefore cheaper than the raised cover because there is zero wind, snow nor rain loading.  These covers are also compliant with E.A. legislation.

Benefits of our Slurry Lagoon Covers

  • Covers made to measure the exact dimensions of the customer’s lagoon whatever the size or dimensions
  • Enable customers to maximise the capacity of their lagoons, rather than catching rainwater in their slurry lagoons
  • Capture odour from slurry during aggressive mixing
  • Compliant with E.A. SSAFO regulations
  • Enable farmers to increase livestock numbers and grow their businesses
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Without a suitable cover, up to 10% of the nitrogen content of slurry can be lost